VA York Clinic Refreshed and Expanded

Updated Space Serves Our Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Clinic located in York, serves the needs of York County veterans from their location on Eastern Boulevard. When additional space became available within their building, the VA took the opportunity to expand the clinic to offer additional treatment and support areas to their clients. Keystruct Construction was contracted to renovate the recently vacated space, and reconfigure the existing VA location, to create an entire floor dedicated to serving our local veterans.

Completing the renovations in an occupied building required complex scheduling and planning to prevent the construction activity from impacting the remaining portions of the building. The VA occupied one half of the first floor, next to the vacant space, and several occupied offices located on the second floor could not be disturbed by the construction activity. A detailed phasing plan, barriers to restrict public access to the work area, coordinated debris removal and material deliveries through a dedicated construction entrance, and limiting construction in the parking areas and exterior of the building kept the public safe from the construction site and contained the noise, dust, and debris to the active work areas.

One of the biggest challenges encountered at this site was performing noisy construction work in a building serving veterans, many of whom suffer from PTSD. To ensure the safety and health of the veterans on site, Keystruct had to restrict loud noises during the clinic’s hours of operation. Jackhammering, sawcutting, and the use of other power tools was accomplished at night or on weekends when the clinic was empty.

Following the completion of phase one, the VA staff moved into the new space, and phase two work started in the previously occupied area. Phase two work took place during the early part of the COVID 19 pandemic reaching the United States. Therefore, strict safety measures were adopted by Keystruct to ensure that risks were reduced for our on-site workers, including temperature checks, questionnaires, and mask/social distancing policies. Additionally, in the event that site workers had to enter the occupied VA space, they were required to meet the stringent protocols established for entrance to the clinic.

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LEED certification was an important part of this job, so special care was needed to address the construction debris. Fifty percent of the spoils had to be diverted from the landfill and/or incinerator. Additionally, separate dumpsters were required to ensure the debris was recycled properly. Metal, wood, cardboard, and drywall all had to be kept separate for recycling to ensure those items went to the proper locations. A strict logistical schedule coordinated the dumpsters and ensured the proper disposal to maintain sustainable practices.

Planning and communication with the subcontractor workforce was key to making this job successful. Because of the tight interior layout, the subs had to be scheduled so that they could work in each area without impacting other trades. By planning several weeks in advance, the Superintendent was able to coordinate the many workers inside and keep the project moving quickly through each milestone.

The original schedule for this project was twelve calendar months, excluding the time for the VA staff to move into the completed phase one space. Because of the planning, coordination, communication, and problem-solving by the Keystruct field staff, this project was completed in nine calendar months, well ahead of the schedule.

Associated Builders and Contractors – Keystone Chapter recognized this project for Excellence in Construction at their awards gala, held on November 3rd. The new space features updated, sustainable finishes, a functional layout for the staff, and upgraded treatment areas and support spaces. Keystruct is proud to have provided the services for this new facility that will continue to meet the needs of our valuable veterans for years to come.

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