Metso Outotec Regional Office Revitalization

Multi-Phased Renovation Gives New Look to Regional Office

Metso Outotec is an international corporation, leading the way in sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions for the mineral processing, and aggregates and metals refining industry worldwide. They provide thoughtful solutions that reduce the consumption of energy and water by increasing process efficiency, recycling, and reprocessing of tailings and waste. As a step to creating a cohesive look across all of their offices, the York regional location for this multi-national corporation required a major renovation. Keystruct was contracted to complete this complex and detailed, three-story office renovation.

Of primary importance to Metso was that their operations were not impacted during the construction. Additionally, there were very strict schedule milestones to accommodate the workflow of the Metso staff. To meet these requirements, Keystruct’s pre-construction and project management staff developed a complex phasing schedule before the work was started on site.

The plan was to start on the third floor, while the Metso staff relocated to other floors, so all of the work could be completed on the vacated floor. After the third floor was completed, the Metso staff would have a week to move to the finished space, and then the next floor would be cleared so work could begin there.

This phasing schedule and clear communication between Keystruct and the owner allowed the Metso staff to plan their workloads around the moving dates, keeping them productive during each phase. Additionally, by completely clearing each floor during construction, the renovation activities did not interfere with Metso’s daily operations.

Because the building was fully occupied during construction, it created an additional challenge for the on-site team. Nearly the entirety of the building’s parking area was utilized by Metso staff, so there was limited space for job trailers and staging areas. Keystruct reviewed the site plan and determined an area that could be barricaded and utilized as part of the construction site, keeping the public safe from the construction activities, without limiting access to the parking areas or building entrances.

Additionally, with the work starting on the third floor and the Metso staff working below, moving the construction debris out and the new materials in presented a unique challenge. To minimize impacts to the Metso staff a plan was made to use lifts and move the debris and materials via the windows. This required a great deal of logistical planning and coordination, as an operator had to be available to lift and lower the materials and debris. To ensure the safety of everyone working on the site, as well as any site visitors, extensive barricades were placed around the lifts.

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In order to ensure the York office follows the exact aesthetic parameters of the other locations, specialty finishes were required for the entire building. This necessitated careful planning to make sure the materials were received on time. Additionally, because of the limited staging and storage area at the job site, coordination with the subtrades was required to have proper storage and delivery of each item as it was needed. To meet this specific challenge, each floor of the building was laid out in advance and the material quantities were determined.

Then the specialty items were ordered for the entire job, and the subcontractors stored the materials related to their trade until the items were needed on site.

Specialty glass walls are a significant design detail throughout the space, and that glass was a very long lead time item. Although the glass was ordered as soon as possible, it was not on site when the frames were constructed in the first phases. In order to maintain the tight construction schedule, the superintendent determined a solution to carefully measure and construct the frames for the glass panels, then the panels were placed when they arrived. Using precise measurements and verification of the numbers, the frames were constructed, and the glass pieces fit perfectly when they were finally installed.

Halfway through the demolition of the second phase, the job site was shut down by the State of Pennsylvania due to the COVID 19 pandemic. When construction was permitted to resume after six weeks, Keystruct utilized additional staff from our team to restart the project quickly and the owner worked with Keystruct to adjust the schedule milestones to successfully meet the required completion date.

The finished space features high-end products including glass partitions for the conference and communal workspaces, specialty floor and wall tiles, clouds and baffles for sound dampening, and solid surface and granite countertops. Additionally, the paint colors and accent walls were specifically chosen to match the themes within the Metso offices located around the world. The owner was so pleased with the entire experience they contracted Keystruct to renovate their York testing laboratory and warehouse, which will be completed in late summer 2021.

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