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Viocity Group provides exceptional service for customers in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond through our pride in quality workmanship, our passion for our craft, and our perseverance to get the job done right!

You can look forward to updates about our ongoing and completed projects in our quarterly newsletter, containing articles on jobs completed by the divisions here at Viocity Group.

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Fusing Form & Function

Specializing in custom metal fabrication, process and utility piping, rigging, cutting, blasting and painting services since 1949.

Full-Service Construction Services

Innovative building solutions for your industrial, commercial, or healthcare facility since 1995.

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Crafting Ideas Into Reality

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and automation in laser cutting, plasma cutting and forming for unique and highly scalable applications.

Connecting Powerful Solutions

Expertise in power supply, control systems, data and communication infrastructure since 1930.

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Smart Systems & Equipment

Focused on the components of your mechanical systems, so your facility functions properly.

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